Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

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An anonymous reader writes: Billy Mitchell is the intense videogamer made famous in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong.Last month he threatened to sue both the Guinness Book of World Records and the videogame record-keepers at Twin Galaxies for defamation after they revoked an entire lifetime’s worth of videogame high scores.

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Controversial arcade game player billy mitchell released a statement today, responding to the recent disqualification of his records from both the Twin Galaxies leaderboards and Guinness World Records.

Ex-‘Donkey Kong’ Champ Finally Speaks After Getting Bruised By New Doc ‘They paint me as a son of a gun,’ Billy Mitchell says of ‘King of Kong.’ archive-Stephen-Totilo 05/29/2007

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Now, however, things have changed: Billy Mitchell is no longer the Donkey Kong king. As of Thursday, he has been officially stripped of his Donkey Kong and other videogame high scores, as well as.

All of Mitchell’s records on Twin Galaxies, an organization that tracks video game records and high scores, have been scrubbed. These marks included a 1,062,800-point score for the 1981 arcade game.

I was framed – Former donkey kong champ threatens to sue Guinness over record removal Billy Mitchell dumps 156-page "evidence package" in attempt to prove his innocence. Kyle Orland – Sep 12.

Billy Mitchell, a longtime controversial figure in the competitive arcade gaming community, was stripped of his Donkey Kong high scores and banned from competitive leaderboards on Thursday.

When a dispute for one of the most prolific players out there hits, it’s hard not to take notice. Sure these sort of things come up as players try to prove their run on any particular game as legitimate, but when a longstanding score on Donkey Kong of 1,062,800 points from Billy Mitchell was put into question, it took an extensive research period from those at Twin Galaxies.

Donkey Kong scoreboard strips Billy Mitchell. who was recently banned from gaming high-score board Twin Galaxies after evidence he had. While Mitchell’s donkey kong scores were.