The bank moved to seize a widow’s home. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured.

New law extends VA loan eligibility to more surviving spouses. Now a veteran’s death does not have to be duty-related for the widow to become eligible for VA home loan benefits.

The house sold and was 3 weeks into the process, I moved and 2 days after arriving at my new rental home, my agent contacted me to tell me that the sale fell through. Now I have that TX house payments, utilities, upkeep etc as well as my rent and living expenses in my new location.

1 Answer. Most states require that the primary signatory on a vehicle loan also be the primary owner on the title to the vehicle. If your fathers name is the primary name on the title then you would have to retitle the car to refinance in your name.

 · I think my sister’s trying to con me out of my inheritance It looks as if my sister and her daughter have benefited from about £60,000 since the sale of.

Burglar caught on camera targeting multiple homes in Davie neighborhood And it was all caught on camera.. arlington police are looking for a home burglar, who despite his best efforts, revealed his face at one point on home surveillance video.. dallas police are.

 · Reasons For Having Only One Spouse Apply For A Mortgage Loan.. who has decided to apply for prequalification to get a home loan through his bank. I have worked for an opposing bank for the last seven years with steady income and a very good credit score.. My friend gave his girlfriend his share of the mortgage payment every month for her.

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A mother of three daughters and a grandmother of seven, with a degree in chemistry from the University of Edinburgh, she says she gave the stuffy elitism of Royal Wimbledon a wide berth when she moved.

Things her mother had made for her. She’s spent the last year living nearby in a rented house in an orchard. Her replacement home was trucked to her lot on Halloween, but it will take. out a loan.

Can a Mortgage Company Go After a Spouse That Is Not on the Mortgage? By: amber keefer. you don’t make payments to the bank. Instead, you pay off the loan when you or your heirs sell the home. How much of a loan you qualify for depends on the amount of equity you have in the home.

Iran seizes British oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz "No 2 Housing Crime". Banks have become just mortgage servicing agents and foreclosure of your home is their new business model. protect your home by learning about the tricks they play.. But it didn’t tell her the loan was insured.

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